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Tips To Buy The Beats Online For The Beginners:

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If you are a newbie then it is better to have a complete understanding about the beats that you are going to buy. This is not simply related to the music, but also from the producer that you are buying from. Therefore, it is important to know some tips and tricks If you also have the question ‘why I need to buy beats and how to buy them?’ here are the answers!
  1. Check For The License:
When talking about the license, there are two types that are exclusive and non exclusive. The exclusive licenses are the ones the provides the exclusive rights in order to access beat. This is important to know that if you have the exclusive rights then your producer will not be able to sell the beats to anyone except you. Whereas the non exclusive beats mean that you can access the beat through your own, but your producer will have the right to provide them to anyone else too. This is also known as the lease beat.
The nature of both licenses shows their price too, as if you buy the exclusive one, you are going to pay more, whereas, you don’t have to pay much for the non exclusive ones. If you are a newbie, then it is better to have non-exclusive licence.
  1. Buy From Best Web Site:
Similar to the purchases that you make online, it is also recommended to buy the beats from the trusted websites that guarantee your work. If you see any certifications on the website from the third party, then it is good because it shows that they are providing the best work.
If you have selected the website, you can search on the google about the reviews on the website as it will help you in getting the idea about their work.
  1. Pay Actual Price:
If you are an old artist who has bought so many beats from different websites, then it is not hard to buy the beat online with the reasonable price as you know exactly that how much every beat costly. But if you are a newbie, then don’t think to pay extra when buying the beat. Make sure that it is reasonable as the non-exclusive beats only cost under $50.
  1. Get The Best Quality:
You must be aware with the type of music along with its quality therefore, it is recommended to buy the music of the top most quality because this is not the thing that you can easily neglect. This needs your attention and if you are paying high money, then you should also buy the one that is top in quality.
  1. Check For The Freebies:
This is important for the beginners that they should check out whether any free beats are available as it will save their money. It is wise to check for such music that is free on the sites instead of buying the highly expensive ones. There are so much musics available on the internet for free, so at least give them a try before switching towards the expensive ones.

Reasons To Buy Online Beats:

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Music was only limited to the music compositors and singers in the history while it was not accessible to the general public. So, you can easily think about spending the $200 on the hardware in order to start the recording of the music at the home. And when we talk about that previous time, there was a lot of money needed to record the music in the studio because of the expensive equipments.
But now, the access to the original music is more than it was ever before. Such as, if you want to buy your own music, then write on the google that ‘where can I get best beats for sale’ and you will get a large number of music companies who are going to sell their beats to you. But these beats will be costly and sometimes so much expensive. So, if you want to get a beat for free, you will have to do a lot of research as the further digging will help you in the exploration of the beats that will be without any cost.


There are a large number of reasons because of which you should buy the beats online. If you are a real artist and you need to develop your career in this field, then spending some money on buying the beats will not only add more to your career but it means that you are spending correctly on the things.
You will have to invest so much on your producers, equipments and many other things. That is why, spending a little on the buying of the beats will create not much difference in your wallet. Let’s have a look at the reasons for buying the beats online.

Buying Online Beats Is Highly Cheap:

When you think this art is fun, then you will not be able to take it seriously, but when you think it is your business, then all the things are aligned as they should be. This is because of the reason that all the business needs investment, but in return they provide the large amount of profit. This is what is lacking in the large number of artists today. Buying the beats online is only a little investment that doesn’t matter.

No Tags Needed:

When you purchase a beat, then it means that you are going to take that beat without the mix up of the DJ and the producer. You are paying for the tune so you will be able to get the tag free copy of the beat.

No Royalties To Worry For:

No one wants to deal with the royalties and therefore, the beats that are free of royalties are completely easier to handle. Moreover, they will be cheap in the long term benefits. But when it’s time to deal about the royalties, then you have to make some agreements with the large organizations as it can be the paid membership which includes the cutting out of certain amount from the track that is released.

What Are Free Beats?

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When we see the word free, our eyes lighten up and it creates more attractiveness in our eyes. The things that are given to us for free without the exchange of the money are the best things as these things are considered as the gifts from other people. Most of the items that come with the label of free usually has something attractive with it and when we talk about the beats and the music, then it is extremely true. You must carefully look for the best place to buy R &B beats.

1111111111111111111111111111111Why Few Beats Are Free Online?

When we talk about free word in the music industry, it is usually referred to as you can listen to the music for free or you can download the music for free or you can also record a beat for free. But the problem with these beats is that the producers of the beats don’t offer us the distribution rights which limits us and if the tags are present in the beat, then you will not be able to remove it as well.
This is because of the reason that all the songs that are recorded using the free beat are not your 100% property and you can also consider it as it can only be used for the promo. This is how you will not be given the permission to sell your own music without paying to the music producers for the beat that you have taken from his collection. All these things led to the emergence of buying the leases and exclusive rights.
Even though, beats are not given for free at all. If you have got the quality music, then you will have to pay for that. Such as, every beat is given in exchange for something. It can’t be monetary things all the time, but it can be the agreements that is the music producers makes an agreement with the artist that they will take a few percent from the sale of the every music album. Others only offer their beats if you are willing to follow them back, which makes the process easier.
Exceptions also exist in the world as there are some producers who give the free leases, but in exchange, all they need is the subscription but nothing else.

Why To Buy The Beats When They Are Available Free Of Cost?

This is the most important question that why there is the need to buy the beats when you can get them without any charge. This is because of the reason that whenever you are going to get a beat for free, you will not get the actual quality. All you need to do is to have the legal rights of the beat that you need in order to distribute and sell your song. The beats that you have downloaded for free don’t offer the best quality and therefore, you can’t make a good career with the help of these beats that you haven’t bought by your own self.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Beats Online

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Before the expenditure of hard earned money on the purchase of rap beats, ask yourself a few questions. Do you know each and everything about the rapping beats? Do you think the website is offering top quality content matching your requirements? If you have no answer to these above mentioned questions, then stop here. Here is the complete guide including all the things you need to know before buying beats online. Have a look at these simple tips and tricks:

Get Free Rap Beats:

A large number of producers are available in the market,but not everyone is having a perfect content. Few of them are providing perfect work while some are in their struggle phase. The one’s in the starting phase are not renowned and so, they are more likely to give you their beats without any charge. This is because they want their tag on their beat or they simply want you to mention their song or give them credit. You can start finding the best beats on the common search engines, you will get lots of them. You can download our free rap beats here

Get Special Discounts:

If you are unable to find a free rap beat, then you should look for the other option. Many producers have mentioned a mailing address on their website. Simply mail them and you will be added to their list. This is how you will be updated about the discounts and other offers they run anytime and especially during the holidays.
So have a little research and find the producer who is producing good beats and add yourself into their mailing list. This is how you will be kept updated about their new beats along with the special discounts.

Finding The Producer:

If you are in search of a producer and you want to find the one with the mailing list, search on the internet. If you are unable to do so, then here is another option. Most of the producers have their own website where they upload their beats to a third party for sale. Moreover, there are many producers hub where you will find a large number of active producers on the internet.
Many sites rank the producers, according to their work, so it will be easy for you if you look at these websites to get an idea about the rank of the producers. They also show the profiles of different producers so you can contact them easily.

Use Trusted Websites:

Make sure that you are purchasing the beats from a trusted and reputable website. This means that the website should have a legit business. You must contact the original producer website instead of the 3rd party website. This is because of the major reason that in case if you are having a wrong beat, you can personally email the producer that the sent beat is not right.
You can look for various logos on the website of producers. These labels include the verifications and certifications. Contact them personally and this will remove all your doubts. You can also search the producer on other places and see the comments people are giving about him, this will help you a lot in the selection.




3 Easy Steps To Start Selling Your Music Online:

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As it is the new era of technology, a large number of vendors are available on the internet. Whatever work that you have, you can simply solve it with the help of this technology. Now, musicians are not working to make CDs and a large music label to sell their music, they are selling their music in an entirely new way that is, with the help of an online vendor. A large number of vendors are available on the internet to help you cope up with these situations, you don’t need to make CDs and large music labels. Simply, contact a vendor and they will offer the music directly to the fans.

  1. Preparations Before Selling:

If it is your first experience, then you need to learn different things such as:

  • If you have recorded the song at the studio, then you will have no issue regarding the quality of sound. But if you have recorded it at your home, then you might need to make a little change. Lets play the song and see how it sounds such as try in different places, including computer, laptop, MP3 and others.
  • An MP3 music doesn’t look like a good music so if you want to distribute your music, then you must upload it in high quality such as FLAC or WAV file.

Provide all the right things to your song such as the title, meta data, album along with the artist information that is attached to the file. Let the users identify your video easily by adding some kind of artwork. Nowadays, the store standards, including iTunes, Apple Music, need your artwork to be of the pixels of size 3000 * 3000. The resolution should be of 300 dpi/ppi.

Now, you have to take care about the copyrights and this is possible when you will copyright your own work on the cover and set the release date. If you are going to release your music, then copyright is one of the highly important things that should be considered before putting the music on the public. Now select the release date when you want to market your music.

  1. Sell With An Online Vendor:

The highly easy places in the song vending includes iTunes, but if you are an amateur, then no need to worry for the iTunes. Simply search for the small online vendors such as US Music, CD Baby, Tunecore and many other similar places. Before selecting any perks of one vendor, make sure that you have complete market research and the one you have selected is the best one. You can make a deal with the various distribution companies who are in direct contact with various digital retail stores and carefully read your contract with the company before signing it.

  1. Sell Yourself:

This is simple, create your own website and brand your own music. If you are working through iTunes or any other, then you don’t have to brand yourself but this time, you have to build your website because people want to know the artist behind the music. It is your duty to publicize your own music as it is today’s need.


5 Steps To Creating Great Lyrics For Your Track

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Writing of the lyrics is one of the common and a big challenge faced by the writers as it is not an easy job. Most of the people think that they cannot write lyrics because they are not god gifted, but this is not true at all. If you are not writer by birth, then you must have the skills to become a write, all you need is the simple refining of these skills to accept the challenge of writing. The beauty that lies in the writing of the lyrics is that they must be highly unique. As you are born to be unique, so does your lyrics. These are not the magical ideas that come in the mind of big writers, they only have right preparation so you can easily get them.

Here are the five steps to creating great lyrics for your track, they will help you on your way. Have a look at all these five steps:

  1. Gather The Raw Material:

Many songs only start with a vague idea, but how to turn this simple idea into a complete song? Simply, use the vague idea and gather all the raw material. Understand your subject completely and clearly. Gathering the data is one of the important step as you will be given with a large variety of ideas and songs at the end that can fit anywhere. There are two types of raw materials that are needed for the writing of great lyrics.

  • General: combine the simple idea with your life experiences and knowledge. It may include some details about your personal life.
  • Specific: raw materials are selected on the basis of the subject. It is necessary to think about the events, stories and words that you will enter into your song. This only takes your one to two hours.
  1. Pattern Search:

Before jumping towards the next step, clearly make sure that you have gathered the raw materials clearly. As you have gathered raw materials, now go through these words in your mind and link them and make an association. This is how the wheel spins in the mind.

  1. Rest:

As you have brainstormed your mind very quickly and very heavily, it is the time when you should relax a little bit. This is because when you are relaxing, your subconsciousness is still working on the project. So stop working for this time.

  1. Build The Lyrics:

Most of the brilliant lyrics come to mind while doing small chores or even while sleeping so write all of them. If you have no idea in your mind, then write a song about whatever type that you want. After writing that awful song, you will have a list of ideas and words that will help you in the writing of a good song.

  1. Tough Part:

Now, you have a range of different words with amazing ideas and rhymes in your hand. As you have come up with a rough lyric, simply find the weak points in your lyrics and correct all other simple mistakes. Your song is ready!!