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Why It Is Important To Buy Beats For Newbie?

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For the rap artist it is important to get the best beats that exactly meets their music. Most of the artists don’t understand the importance of the beats that they should select and this is how they produce music which is neither of the top quality nor it produces the expected outcomes. It is better to ask the producers that why it is important to buy beats for newbie artist or why I need to buy beats instead of clearly saying no to these beats that are available online.
The major benefit of such beats is that they are available in a single download with the purchase of a small amount of money so you don’t have to spend so much extra on these beats. Moreover, you will get plenty of beats at first so that you can select the one that meets your needs.
If you are a newbie then it is surely recommended to buy these beats because you won’t be able to produce the top quality song without the best beats. Moreover, it will be hard for you to hire the producers that cost so much and in return, you may not get what you expected. Therefore, you can easily hear these beats online, select the one that suits your needs and then buy it. Make your own music and you will be succeeded.
It is difficult for a newbie to think about it critically, but this is highly beneficial because this is how you will be able to make the best music that you never thought of. When you have a perfect beat, then you can make a perfect music. It will be hard to make a new music according to your lyrics so you can easily select from the list and buy it immediately.
Most of the producers have the issue of copyrights. They create a tag at the music which makes them solely their own. This is good and you shouldn’t have any problem with it. Though you have purchased the beats, but it is the right of the producer to add his own name in the genre of the album or the song. So, as a newbie, it should not be a problem for you at all.
Another important reason for hiring these beats online is that when your producer has his own tag on the music, then it will be helpful for you too. If you have bought the beats of a well known producer who is very famous then it is beneficial for you as people will turn more towards you and they will hear your music and rap too. And this is how you will be able to promote your song as much as possible with the help of the name of the producer who has produced the music.
This is one simple step to get the fame with the help of producer. So you must select the one that is highly famous and known producer so that you will be able to make the best song.

3 Easy Steps To Start Selling Your Music Online:

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As it is the new era of technology, a large number of vendors are available on the internet. Whatever work that you have, you can simply solve it with the help of this technology. Now, musicians are not working to make CDs and a large music label to sell their music, they are selling their music in an entirely new way that is, with the help of an online vendor. A large number of vendors are available on the internet to help you cope up with these situations, you don’t need to make CDs and large music labels. Simply, contact a vendor and they will offer the music directly to the fans.

  1. Preparations Before Selling:

If it is your first experience, then you need to learn different things such as:

  • If you have recorded the song at the studio, then you will have no issue regarding the quality of sound. But if you have recorded it at your home, then you might need to make a little change. Lets play the song and see how it sounds such as try in different places, including computer, laptop, MP3 and others.
  • An MP3 music doesn’t look like a good music so if you want to distribute your music, then you must upload it in high quality such as FLAC or WAV file.

Provide all the right things to your song such as the title, meta data, album along with the artist information that is attached to the file. Let the users identify your video easily by adding some kind of artwork. Nowadays, the store standards, including iTunes, Apple Music, need your artwork to be of the pixels of size 3000 * 3000. The resolution should be of 300 dpi/ppi.

Now, you have to take care about the copyrights and this is possible when you will copyright your own work on the cover and set the release date. If you are going to release your music, then copyright is one of the highly important things that should be considered before putting the music on the public. Now select the release date when you want to market your music.

  1. Sell With An Online Vendor:

The highly easy places in the song vending includes iTunes, but if you are an amateur, then no need to worry for the iTunes. Simply search for the small online vendors such as US Music, CD Baby, Tunecore and many other similar places. Before selecting any perks of one vendor, make sure that you have complete market research and the one you have selected is the best one. You can make a deal with the various distribution companies who are in direct contact with various digital retail stores and carefully read your contract with the company before signing it.

  1. Sell Yourself:

This is simple, create your own website and brand your own music. If you are working through iTunes or any other, then you don’t have to brand yourself but this time, you have to build your website because people want to know the artist behind the music. It is your duty to publicize your own music as it is today’s need.

So You Want To Sell Your Beats Online?

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Knowing how to market yourself is one of the most important parts of selling beats. This course will be mainly focussed for music producers – however, many of the techniques can be applied to gain exposure online for other reasons.

This course will be broken down into the “4 P’s” of marketing:

  1. Product
  • How to make beats that sell
  1. Placement
  • Which beat selling platforms are best for you
  1. Price
  • How you should price your beats & how to do sales
  1. Promotion
  • How to use various types of social media
  • How to pay for promotion to have a good ROI (Return on Investment)

Living off selling music is more than just being a good producer – you have to also be an entrepreneur. This means continuously improving your craft and also your marketing techniques. Although this course will give a good overview of marketing, I recommend that you take what you learn, apply and try to create your own techniques.

Image is everything. Every aspect of your branding (music, graphics, social media etc) have to work together to create an image of who you are.

As you start learning about marketing, you should ask yourself:

  1. Could I hear a major artist use my beats?
  2. Is my website easy to use?
  3. Do all my graphics look professional?
  4. Am I responding to potential / current customers quickly and effectively?

In the following weeks, articles will be released with tips on various aspects of marketing.

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