5 Steps To Creating Great Lyrics For Your Track

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Writing of the lyrics is one of the common and a big challenge faced by the writers as it is not an easy job. Most of the people think that they cannot write lyrics because they are not god gifted, but this is not true at all. If you are not writer by birth, then you must have the skills to become a write, all you need is the simple refining of these skills to accept the challenge of writing. The beauty that lies in the writing of the lyrics is that they must be highly unique. As you are born to be unique, so does your lyrics. These are not the magical ideas that come in the mind of big writers, they only have right preparation so you can easily get them.

Here are the five steps to creating great lyrics for your track, they will help you on your way. Have a look at all these five steps:

  1. Gather The Raw Material:

Many songs only start with a vague idea, but how to turn this simple idea into a complete song? Simply, use the vague idea and gather all the raw material. Understand your subject completely and clearly. Gathering the data is one of the important step as you will be given with a large variety of ideas and songs at the end that can fit anywhere. There are two types of raw materials that are needed for the writing of great lyrics.

  • General: combine the simple idea with your life experiences and knowledge. It may include some details about your personal life.
  • Specific: raw materials are selected on the basis of the subject. It is necessary to think about the events, stories and words that you will enter into your song. This only takes your one to two hours.
  1. Pattern Search:

Before jumping towards the next step, clearly make sure that you have gathered the raw materials clearly. As you have gathered raw materials, now go through these words in your mind and link them and make an association. This is how the wheel spins in the mind.

  1. Rest:

As you have brainstormed your mind very quickly and very heavily, it is the time when you should relax a little bit. This is because when you are relaxing, your subconsciousness is still working on the project. So stop working for this time.

  1. Build The Lyrics:

Most of the brilliant lyrics come to mind while doing small chores or even while sleeping so write all of them. If you have no idea in your mind, then write a song about whatever type that you want. After writing that awful song, you will have a list of ideas and words that will help you in the writing of a good song.

  1. Tough Part:

Now, you have a range of different words with amazing ideas and rhymes in your hand. As you have come up with a rough lyric, simply find the weak points in your lyrics and correct all other simple mistakes. Your song is ready!!


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