3 Easy Steps To Start Selling Your Music Online:


As it is the new era of technology, a large number of vendors are available on the internet. Whatever work that you have, you can simply solve it with the help of this technology. Now, musicians are not working to make CDs and a large music label to sell their music, they are selling their music in an entirely new way that is, with the help of an online vendor. A large number of vendors are available on the internet to help you cope up with these situations, you don’t need to make CDs and large music labels. Simply, contact a vendor and they will offer the music directly to the fans.

  1. Preparations Before Selling:

If it is your first experience, then you need to learn different things such as:

  • If you have recorded the song at the studio, then you will have no issue regarding the quality of sound. But if you have recorded it at your home, then you might need to make a little change. Lets play the song and see how it sounds such as try in different places, including computer, laptop, MP3 and others.
  • An MP3 music doesn’t look like a good music so if you want to distribute your music, then you must upload it in high quality such as FLAC or WAV file.

Provide all the right things to your song such as the title, meta data, album along with the artist information that is attached to the file. Let the users identify your video easily by adding some kind of artwork. Nowadays, the store standards, including iTunes, Apple Music, need your artwork to be of the pixels of size 3000 * 3000. The resolution should be of 300 dpi/ppi.

Now, you have to take care about the copyrights and this is possible when you will copyright your own work on the cover and set the release date. If you are going to release your music, then copyright is one of the highly important things that should be considered before putting the music on the public. Now select the release date when you want to market your music.

  1. Sell With An Online Vendor:

The highly easy places in the song vending includes iTunes, but if you are an amateur, then no need to worry for the iTunes. Simply search for the small online vendors such as US Music, CD Baby, Tunecore and many other similar places. Before selecting any perks of one vendor, make sure that you have complete market research and the one you have selected is the best one. You can make a deal with the various distribution companies who are in direct contact with various digital retail stores and carefully read your contract with the company before signing it.

  1. Sell Yourself:

This is simple, create your own website and brand your own music. If you are working through iTunes or any other, then you don’t have to brand yourself but this time, you have to build your website because people want to know the artist behind the music. It is your duty to publicize your own music as it is today’s need.

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