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So You Want To Sell Your Beats Online?

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Knowing how to market yourself is one of the most important parts of selling beats. This course will be mainly focussed for music producers – however, many of the techniques can be applied to gain exposure online for other reasons.

This course will be broken down into the “4 P’s” of marketing:

  1. Product
  • How to make beats that sell
  1. Placement
  • Which beat selling platforms are best for you
  1. Price
  • How you should price your beats & how to do sales
  1. Promotion
  • How to use various types of social media
  • How to pay for promotion to have a good ROI (Return on Investment)

Living off selling music is more than just being a good producer – you have to also be an entrepreneur. This means continuously improving your craft and also your marketing techniques. Although this course will give a good overview of marketing, I recommend that you take what you learn, apply and try to create your own techniques.

Image is everything. Every aspect of your branding (music, graphics, social media etc) have to work together to create an image of who you are.

As you start learning about marketing, you should ask yourself:

  1. Could I hear a major artist use my beats?
  2. Is my website easy to use?
  3. Do all my graphics look professional?
  4. Am I responding to potential / current customers quickly and effectively?

In the following weeks, articles will be released with tips on various aspects of marketing.

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